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How to Apply

ISTS and the Valentine Memorial Scholarship

The Foundation has partnered with International Scholarship and Tuition Services Inc. (“ISTS”) to administer the Valentine Memorial Scholarship program from the application process through scholarship award.  To learn more about ISTS, please go to http://www.applyists.com/.

Scholarship Award

All applications will be sent directly to ETS’s Scholarship & Recognition Programs who will vet all applications and supporting documentation, and recommend the scholarship award recipient.  The Foundation and Towne Park will not be reviewing the applications nor selecting the scholarship award recipient.  We’ve partnered with ETS to provide such services and to create a fair, unbiased evaluation process.

2017 Application Process

The 2017 application process is now open!  Applications are due March 15, 2017.  We will be announcing the 2017 Valentine Scholar in June. Please follow the below link to apply.



Queenstown Harbor Golf Links