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Towne Park Family

In addition to supporting other non-profit and philanthropic organizations, The Foundation has disbursed over $110,000 in financial assistance to various individuals since 2004. Below are some stories about those we’ve assisted.

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Towne Park Customer Refers Associate in Need

Many of Towne Park’s associates serve regular customers from monthly parking patrons to hotel guests and patients.  In November 2011, one such customer asked an associate about his holidays and he sadly shared “There won’t be a Christmas this year.”  After hearing about the associate’s plight, the customer informed Towne Park’s customer who in turn shared details with Towne Park’s account manager. Without hesitation, the account manager referred his associate’s situation to The Foundation.  The Foundation ensured Santa visited the associate’s family by helping them catch up on some bills and other needs.

Lightening Strikes Orlando Home

In 2008, a Towne Park Orlando employee’s home was struck by lightening starting a fire. The cashier’s home was devastated. The family of five was to be displaced for up to six months while their home was to be rebuilt. The Foundation provided the family with financial assistance to help them with basic necessities, a mortgage payment, and their insurance deductible. In addition to the financial assistance from the foundation, many Towne Park employees provided clothes, toys, and school supplies.

Fire Devastates Walnut Creek Apartment

An employee in Walnut Creek, CA found themselves in a similar situation as the Orlando employee later in 2008. The guest service associate and his mother lost all of their belongings in an apartment fire. The American Red Cross provided temporary housing but they were in need of immediate funds for clothing, toiletries, etc. so The Foundation provided them with a donation to assist the employee and his mother.

Health Crisis Hits Nashville Employee

Early in 2009, a health crisis hit a Nashville employee leaving him unable to work. The Foundation provided financial assistance to help the employee and his family pay some bills and for basic needs.

2005 Hurricane Season

After the devastation of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005, The Foundation disbursed over $30,000 in financial assistance to individuals in need. The financial assistance helped persons and their families with basic necessities, deposits for temporary housing, prescriptions, and so on.


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