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2012: Jacob Kuna

Nick Hartzell, Account Manager at the Sheraton Phoenix, secured a banquet room at the hotel set up with drinks, snacks and a champagne toast. Jacob’s family was there to deliver the great news, as were several of Jacob’s Towne Park teammates; District Manager Erik Arreola, three local Account Managers, numerous Guest Service Coordinators, Business Development Manager Mark Dale, myself and the Hotel’s Director of Operations, Todd Iacono.

As we waited for Jacob to arrive, I spoke to those in attendance about the history of the Valentine Memorial Scholarship, including who Bob Valentine was and how important he was to our organization and his passion for developing people. Jacob’s mother was visibly moved by this.

The event was a complete surprise for Jacob, and Nick did a great job presenting the award. Take a look at the video (click the photo above) to see Jacob’s genuine astonishment in being chosen, the beaming pride of his family and the sincere happiness emanating from his fellow Towne Park associates.

Presenting the Valentine Memorial Scholarship to Jacob was a great moment for Towne Park, our Western Region and the Sun District. I really felt like it was a day that made an associate, an associate’s family, a client and a leadership team look at our company a little differently than we normally do. It made us all realize how special Towne Park is and how we’re carrying on Bob’s passion for development through the Valentine Memorial scholarship.

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